Solo Exhibitions

1990 Tan Jun Art Exhibition (Xiamen)
2018 Tangled One by One Tan Jun Oil Painting Exhibition (Chongqing)
2017 Tan Jun - Yuyan Oil Painting Exhibition (Chongqing)

Exhibitions and Other Accomplishments

1992 Participated in the Cross-Strait Art Exchange Exhibition
1994 Participated in Hong Kong and Singapore Art Exhibition
1996 Participated in the Sino-Japanese Painting Exhibition
1997 Established Xiamen Art Studio
2015 Participated in the first Oxford University - Chinese Scholar Painting Exhibition (Oxford)
2015 Participated in commemorating the establishment of the United Nations 70 in 2015 - Anniversary Theme Painting Exhibition (New York)
2015 Participated in the 18th ‘’World Chinese Chinese Art Conference’’ Hong Kong large-scale art exhibition in 2015 and won the ‘World Outstanding Chinese Artist Certificate’ (Hong Kong)
2016 Included in the compilation of "Time" (China News Magazine)
2016 Included in "Chinese Contemporary Art Document 2015"
2016 Included in the compilation of "Artists" (China Cultural Publishing House)
2016 The first Chinese contemporary calligraphy and painting master Representative Works Exhibition (Beijing)
2016 "Pure China" International Art Joint Exhibition National Tour (Foshan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing)
2018 "Beijing Summer Exhibition 18" (Beijing)
2018 "Contemporary China Paris Art Exhibition" (Paris)
2018 "Outside History" Ten Contemporary New Ink Painting Exhibition (Beijing)
2018 The work "The Wave" was collected in Xiamen University of Science
2018 Included in the "Chinese Contemporary Art Document 2017"
2019 The work "Natural Collection War No.5" participated in the contemporary painting and calligraphy of Hanhai 99 auction (Artron Beijing)
2019 Efforts -  First Chinese Expressionist Painting Touring Exhibition (Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou) Academic Contribution Award
2019 New York - Contemporary Art Exhibition
2019 The 58th Venice International Art Biennale Parallel Exhibition [Cross-Border One One International Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition] (Venice)
2019 China - Greece International Contemporary Art Forum (Athens)
2019 "Dynamic and Passion-Interpretation of Tan Jun's "Ink and Wash Expressionism" Paintings" (Wang Ruiying China Net, etc.)
2019 "Wall Street Times" publishes Tan Jun's ink works (Manhattan, New York)
2019 Special Award of China "Bird" Painting Exhibition (Beijing)
2019 "Tan Jun Ink Works Collection" (New Century Press, New York)
2019 The 24th Guangzhou International Art Fair
2020 The 2nd International Abstract Network Exhibition (Academic Consultant)


1991 Completed the campus sculpture project of Xiamen University of Technology
1995 Completed the large-scale relief sculpture "Drum Rhyme" in Xiamen
1996 Completed the large-scale relief project of Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport
1997 Completed the relief project of Xiamen No. 7 Middle School
1998 Completed the large-scale group sculpture "Dragon and Phoenix" and "12 Zodiac" in Xiamen Bailuzhou
1998 Completed the sculpture project of Xiamen Songbai Park
1998 Completed the series of relief works of Xiamen Assembly Hall
1988 Completed the sculpture project of Fujian Jinjiang Electric Power Building
1998 "Fine Art" special edition introduces Tan Jun's sculptures
1999 Completed the sculpture project of Xiamen Jinjiting District
1999 Completed part of Xiamen node city sculptures
1999 Completed the series of projects of the central square in Songbai District, Xiamen
1999 Completed the main sculpture "Pengju" of Xiamen Airlines
1999 Completed the sculpture project of Sanming Botanical Garden in Fujian
1999 Completed the sculpture project of the central square in Shaowu, Fujian
2000 Completed Chongqing Qijiang New Hongqiao Memorial Sculpture "Support"
2000 "Contemporary Urban Landscape and Environmental Design Series" (China Architecture Industry Press) included his sculptures
2001 Completed the sculpture project of Chongqing Qijiang City Node
2002 Completed the sculpture project of the branch of Chongqing Ciqikou Scenic Area and the large-scale sculpture gate of Shabin Road
2003 The main sculpture of the north bridge head of the Chongqing Jialing River Huanghuayuan Bridge was completed (currently due to relocation due to planning)
2003 The sculpture group project of Guiyang Jinyang New District was completed
2004 Completed the sculpture project of Guiyang Geological Building Square
2004 Completed the main sculpture of the south head of the Chongqing Yangtze River Bridge (currently due to relocation due to planning)
2004 Completed the relief project of Chongqing Family Planning Hospital
2005 The main city of Chongqing, Changjiang Road, Shizhong Road and Eling Tunnel Landscape Sculpture Project was completed
2005 The landscape sculpture project of some mountain city trails in Chongqing was completed
2006 The Yu-Qian-Yu-He Expressway landscape sculpture project was completed
2006 - 2008 Completed the large-shaped series group carving project in the Xishan Industrial Cluster of Dongshan, Zhangjiakou City

Book of Poems

Author of a collection of poems "Nude Forward" (Global Culture Press 2015.2)

Media and Published Articles

Baidu Encyclopedia, China Net, People's Daily Online, CCTV, Phoenix Net, International Painting and Calligraphy Net, Chinese Painting Tan Net, Treasure Art Net, China Painting and Calligraphy Collection Net, etc.